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Venetian Islands, Miami Beach

The Venetian Islands Miami/Miami Beach Florida are a chain of artificial islands in Biscayne Bay in the cities of Miami and Miami Beach, Florida. The islands are, from west to east: Biscayne Island (Miami), San Marco Island (Miami), San Marino Island (Miami Beach), Di Lido Island (Miami Beach), Rivo Alto Island (Miami Beach), and Belle Isle (Miami Beach). Flagler Monument Island remains an uninhabited picnic island, originally built in 1920 as a memorial to railroad pioneer Henry Flagler. The islands are connected by bridges from the Miami mainland to Miami Beach.

Stretched across Biscayne Bay between South Beach and downtown Miami sits a chain of six reclaimed islands known as the Venetian Islands. These six inhabited islands, from west to east, includes the romantically named isles of Biscayne, San Marco, San Marino, Di Lido, Rivo Alto and Belle Isle. Some are part of the city of Miami, others part of Miami Beach. Originally designed and developed in the early 1920′s to mimic Venice with numerous bridges and street lamps, the secluded Venetians are home to some of the most eclectic, unique and stimulating waterfront homes in Miami.

Traveling west on the Venetian Causeway from South Beach towards downtown Miami one first arrives on Belle Isle, which consists of several medium to large sized condominium buildings, together with a variety of multi-unit residential properties, and the completely renovated and re-designed The Standard Hotel. Belle Isle sits literally a short five minute walk to South Beach’s Lincoln Road Mall and also features a totally redesigned 3.3 acres “dog-friendly” Belle Isle Park.

Continuing further west on the Venetian Causeway one crosses over the islands of Rivo Alto, Di Lido, San Marino, and San Marco. This cluster of islands only allows for single family residences, of which approximately one third are waterfront properties. Waterfront lot sizes range from the standard 10,500 square feet up to 15,750 square feet for the larger properties on either the northern or southern points of the islands. Each island varies in size and number of homes, with the most exclusive waterfront properties considered to be situated on the island of San Marco.

So who lives in these homes? You would be surprised to learn that only approximately twenty percent of all residences are occupied as second homes, with the remainder being full time local residents. This is one of the many attractive features of living on the Venetians, you have a real sense of community and a safe neighborhood.


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