Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Sell with Us

5 Reasons Why You Should Sell With Us

  1. We are a team- Unlike agents that go at it alone, we are a team of professionals that will service you, your home and the possible buyers more effectively due to the fact that we are not working alone. Since we are a team, we will also a have much more expansive network of clients that might be interested in your home than a single agent
  2. Douglas Elliman- Since its founding in 1911, the name Douglas Elliman, has been synonymous with the most exacting standards of excellence in the real Estate industry. At Douglas Elliman Florida we network with over 3500 agents in our New York offices that refer business to us continuously. As you might know, the North East of the U.S. serves as a great source for second home and investors. We will network with these brokers to maximize interest of your property in the New York area.
  3. Our contacts with Latin America,-Most of our associates are bilingual and have ties to buyers and investors in Latin America.
  4. Our Passion- We truly enjoy what we do! We understand that selling your home is not always a pleasant process and we will do the best to make it a stress free transaction. We will manage this with your hands on approach and hard work to marketing your house, that can only be done by people that love what they do!
  5. Our Experience- Our team counts with over 20 Years of experience in the Miami/Miami Beach real estate markets!